Monday, December 12, 2016

Jewelry Wardrobe Goals: Build, Update, Collect, Create. Episode One: Pearls

In a series of posts as we head toward the new year, I want to help everyone explore this wonderful idea of building up your jewelry wardrobe.  This is the first in a series where I will generally go over "pearls". 

These are goals of fine tuning your style without breaking the bank and without settling for items that are too ordinary or sleepy.  This is all so very personal and subjective: finding your style or setting a style goal with these pursuits are individual. We are all unique. We all gravitate toward many of the same earthly materials, metals, gems, colors and feeling.  For me, I have my celebrated geography and daily activity within it.  My lifestyle is creative, busy, wearing "many hats" and I know so many that wear the same hats.   I am always outside, shopping, gardening, running my son around, working on my computer, creating interiors or jewelry.  I am "food and wine" adjacent at all times - ready to switch into a more dressy mode to hit a restaurant, walk a farm or a warehouse or a boutique in the prettiest resort in the world and grab a glass of wine.  I suppose I am California casual however, yoga pants are not in the daytime cards too often. I have to make some kind of effort.  And I enjoy that very much. 

For this episode, I want to focus on pearls in the most creative way.
We all love them. It doesn't really matter what size or color or anything.  Freshwater, Miwa, Seed, Black, gigantic or shaped, we love them so much.  They bring light to the wearer.  Your smile can look a little brighter. Your suntan can look a little bronzier.  Your suit can somehow look sharper. 
Your T-Shirt can look prettier. 

KEEP: Any classic pearl necklace you have. Always have a string.  You can add to them if they sit right at your crewneck. You can extend the clasp and wrap around your wrist.  You can also extend with velvet ribbon to elongate them for a holiday.  If you do not own a classic pearl necklace, try to find one and most certainly try to gift one.  Think classic "Chanel". 

Pearls can go with anything. Any stone, any metal or any color.  They represent wisdom as does Mother Of Pearl.  Pearls appear feminine to me. I am always drawn to mixing peals with something masculine like leather or hand hammered metals or just jet black quartz. 

ADD: A longer length pearl. Something fun, tasseled, mixed.  Add several layers of statement necklace level pearl... mixed with other semi-precious stones into a one of a kind work of art.  Go big. 

CREATE: A mixed medium of pearls with half chain, coins, turquoise, charms. Have fun with it. This is a personal classic you'll always have unique to you. 
COLLECT: Various longer pieces that can be worn alone or layered with other coordinating necklaces. Pearls go with anything, any neckline, any stone. 

Have fun as we head into 2017.  My pearl goals are to add more bracelets and "metal colored" pearls into my mix. 


Ursula Koenig
Designer at Casa Blah Blah

*Note: Thanks to the incredible artists over at Etsy, Sundance, Triple Creek Products and various other jewelry designers out there sharing at Pinterest.  They are all featured on my board called "Jewelry" now featured on my Pinterest page at "Ursula Koenig Designs".  They are all truly inspiring works of art.